Testowanie rakietek

Wiem, że oferta okładzin i rakietek jest bardzo szeroka i wybór rakietki to nie łatwa sprawa. Dlatego oferujemy możliwość wypożyczenia rakietki.

Rakietki można wypożyczyć we sklepie w Ostrawie i Pradze, gdzie mamy stół i z robotem (darmowe).

Lista rakietek

ID Marka Nazwa deski Nazwa okładziny F Nazwa okładziny B Depozyt zwrotny


3S Stiga Offensive Classic Hybrid XH Hybrid M 4 600 Kč 200 Kč
4S Stiga Offensive Classic Tackiness Chop Tackiness Chop II 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
5S Stiga Offensive Wood NCT Cobra Kamikaze 2 500 Kč 200 Kč
6S Stiga Allround Wood NCT Tenergy 05 Energy absorber 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
8S Stiga Adidas Challenge Light Challenger Attack Baracuda 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
11S Stiga Allround wood NCT Liga Piranja FDtec 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
12S Stiga Allround Classic  Coppa X2 Coppa X2 3 000 Kč 200 Kč
14S Stiga Saive Control Saive Evo Saive Evo 1 500 Kč 200 Kč
15S Stiga Offensive Classic DNA PRO S Calibra LT Spin 3 000 Kč 200 Kč
18S Stiga Infinity VPS BlueGrip V1 BlueGrip R1 3 500 Kč 200 Kč
19S Stiga Ebenholz NCT V Sriver L Hellfire 5 500 Kč 200 Kč
20S Stiga Extreme - Offensive Classic Evo Evo 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
21S Stiga Cybershape Carbon
DNA Platinum M Dignics 05 9 500 Kč 200 Kč
1B Butterfly Korbel OFF Tenergy 19 Tenergy 05 Hard 3 500 Kč 200 Kč
2B Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Dignics 05 Tenergy 80 FX 8 000 Kč 200 Kč
3B Butterfly Korbel OFF Tenergy 05 FX Bryce Highspeed 3 500 Kč 200 Kč
4B Butterfly Primorac OFF- Dignics 80 Dignics 05 5 000 Kč 200 Kč
5B Butterfly Korbel OFF Tenergy 80 FX Rozena 3 500 Kč 200 Kč
6B Butterfly Profi Sriver L Sriver L 1 500 Kč 200 Kč
7B Butterfly Allround NEW Flextra Flextra 2 000 Kč 200 Kč
8B Butterfly Korbel OFF Dignics 09c Rozena 4 000 Kč 200 Kč
9B Butterfly Korbel OFF Glayzer
Glayzer 09c 4 000 Kč 200 Kč
1D Donic Waldner Senso Carbon Acuda Blue P3 Blue Grip S2 3 500 Kč 200 Kč
2D Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso Acuda S3 JP02 2 500 Kč 200 Kč
3D Donic Appelgren Allplay  Bluefire M2  Bluefire M3 2 500 Kč 200 Kč
4D Donic Waldner Senso V1 Acuda S1 Acuda S1 Turbo 2 500 Kč 200 Kč

*Red - nowadays rented
*Blue - reserved
*Green - New


Renting rules

Introductory provisions

The renting rules govern the rights and obligations between STEN Marketing Ltd., headquartered at Zenklova 215 , 180 00 Prague 8 , ID : 26469791 ( hereinafter referred to as lessor ) and the lessee . The subject of the lease agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is renting table tennis bats for testing purposes. The contract contains a list of bats, their number and specifications, total sum of refundable deposit, rental price, renting period based on date of rent and date of return.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Renting order for bats can be placed in person at lessor's places of business, by calling (00420) 222 718 279 or by e -mail at Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. .
  2. Refundable deposit constitutes a bat price and it is to be paid upon receiving the bats in cash or cash on delivery (in case of the bats being sent by Czech Post). By doing that lessee agrees to all obligations arising from this document (i.e. Renting rules).
  3. The rent amount is set at CZK 200 for one bat for 1-4 days if received personally or for 7 days if sent by Czech Post.
  4. In case the bats are not returned within the specified time the lessor is entitled to charge 50 CZK for one bat for each day of delay.
  5. In case the bats are sent by Czech Post, postage is paid by the lessee and it is set at CZK 99 incl. VAT. When returning the bats lessee is obliged to send the bats back to the following address: Zenklova 215, 180 00 Praha 8 without cash on delivery. The refundable deposit will be transfered to the lessee's bank account.
  6. Lessor is not liable for damages caused by lessee. In case bats are lost or stolen refundable deposit is not refundable. Bats are not insured against accidental damage or destruction.
  7. In case of damage to rented bats lessee is obliged to pay damages according to the degree of damage. Usual wear and tear of the rubber is not considered a damage.
  8. When returning the bats the refundable deposit is repayed, after deduction of rental, to the lessee either in cash at the lessor's place of business or by bank transfer (in case of delivery by Czech Post).
  9. It is not allowed to modify the bats in any way (to sand wood, to take down, cover or otherwise manipulate the rubber). In the event this provision is broken and the bats are modified without a lessor's consent, the lessor has the right not to accept the bats back and lessee will not be repaid and will not be reimbursed for any costs so incurred.
  10. In case the bats are returned early the lessee cannot claim the unused portion of the rental price.
  11. The bat must be returned at the same place of business where it was rented.
  12. In case the bat is not returned within 14 days, refundable deposit is forfeited to the lessor in order to pay for any cost so incurred. By this act, the bat becomes the property of the lessee.
  13. Lessor reserves the right to make changes in the this document (e.i. Renting Rules).

This document is valid since 1st March 2015.