We offer quality print of textile goods such as polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, track suits etc. for great prices.

Mostly we print names of sports clubs, players' names and logos of sponsors.

Prices are 3,90 EUR for a player's name, 3,90 EUR for a sports club's name or sponsor's logo.

Samples of print on textile goods for STEN Marketing HB Ostro Havlíčkův Brod sports team.

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Mky potisk

We offer print on table tennis balls:

1x graphics - 17 EUR


20 pcs                       0,37 EUR / pcs

50 pcs                       0,30 EUR / pcs

100 pcs                     0,22 EUR / pcs

300 pcs                     0,19 EUR/ pcs

500 pcs                     0,15 EUR / pcs